Summer Camp- Kids' Education

Education Equals Hope

“Do you want to donate your money to those disadvantaged kids in need of your help?”

My mom asked me when I was 12. “See how lucky you are!”

There is a serious education gap between Taiwan’s urban and rural areas.

Take for example the Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students: About 30 percent of all Taiwanese students receive a “C” — which is not a passing grade — in English and mathematics in this annual joint entrance examination.

However, the figure is much higher than those in rural schools.

In one school in a remote area, 82 percent of the students received a “C” in English and 92 percent a “C” in math.”

By Lee Chia-tung , Taipei Times

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there is a school bus shadow in kid's eyeKid is working. He couldn't go to the school81.2% of underprivileged parents worry about being able to afford proper education for their children
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My Volunteer Story Sharing:

In my beautiful college years, I volunteered for one of the school clubs non-profit organizations.

In the summertime, we held a summer camp for the rural school students.

I can never forget this memory, this volunteer journey has become one of the craziest and exciting stories in my college.

We prepared lectures, games, dramas, and songs… …
We rehearsed days and nights.
(Yeah! the school had started to become our temporary home when the summer camp was around the corner 😆 )

We were nervous and exhausted, but also quite excited.
Because we knew everything would be worthy when we saw their smiling faces.

Frankie is playing with the kid
one girl and one guy are acting

Drama Performing to Kids

He acted my boyfriend in the drama. In the real world he was my “Frenemy” lol

we sneaked a picture of our leader when she was falling asleep.
Im crying on the last day of summer camp
witch cosplay
retrospective moment

Our Retrospective Meeting

In this meeting we talked about what do you think about this summer camp? what do we learn? What are the 3 things you are thankful for? and how can we do better in the next time.

“We didn’t stay at home playing video games, we did something meaningful together with our friends”!

After the summer camp,I always had this feeling.

I have learned so much from kids and from my teammates.

I have also started to know myself more through this journey.

Thank You for Reading this article! =)

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