This is Frankie, a budding digital marketer, who is on her way to pursue a career to become an expert in digital marketing arena. 

Through out my 8 years of volunteer experiences,

Observe Merits and Appreciate Kindness” has been one of my mottos to live by.

Giving myself something to look forward to, 

My passion is to become a valuable member of society and contribute to our beautiful Mother Nature. I am working on building my own personal project called “Frankieship”, where I can apply my marketing skills to create a Green Life, through the eyes of a Designer. 

?  ❤️  ?  ❤️  ?  ❤️

2020 has been a challenging year for our earth and its inhabitants.

I want to do something for our home.? 

With that being said, I’ve started my vegetarian food journey! 

I’ve created “Frankieship” Instagram, encouraging everyone to join forces to reduce our carbon footprints.

( I am still working on developing my cooking skills, watching vegetarian recipes online, and sometimes wonder if I have a hidden chef in me?‍? )

Video Editing in Adobe Premiere

Frankieship Instagram

I wrote a vegetarian restaurant review.

British Columbia Parliament Buildings In Illustrator

Celebrate Happy National Day in Taiwan(慶祝台灣國慶日)

British Columbia Parliament Buildings, Victoria
British Columbia Parliament Buildings, Illustrator

Photomontage  Fanta  ( Advertising )

 the photos that I used for this photomontage

How My Flamingo Logo Came to Life 

(Logo Editing in Illustrator)

I was super hungry after I made these ( Junk food craving 😆 )

Shining Like a Diamond 

pink diamond

Why this dice looks a little bit weird? 

weirdo dice


The most impressive thing I learn from Filipinos is their attitude of protecting Marine Ecology.
In case of letting chemicals stick to Whale Shark, Coral Reef or any others sea animals, We’re asked not putting our makeup on and even sun screen.
Thanks! They definitely earn everyone’s respect.


Morning Fellows,
“Let’s welcome the heartwarming December!!” 



King lion with christmas hat

“Humans aren’t the only creatures who like to play in the nature.”


animals run in the forest

Photoshop Manipulation

When you don’t have the budget to change the floor’s color… 😎 


Photoshop Manipulation